Chef Charles Beef Tour Day Three

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Graham Land and Cattle Co

Today we toured the Graham Land and Cattle Co. feedlot in Gonzalez, TX. It was a muddy mess, but lots of fun. The cows here first get a 6 – 8 month run on grasslands, then they start on feed once per day while they continue to graze. Then they move on to twice-a-day grain feedings and they get a little more each day. They spend 80 – 120 days on the feed. The Graham Feedlot has about 30,000 head of cattle at any given time, and they ship about 700 – 800 out each week.

Cattle feed

This cattle feed is sort of like corn flakes.

Moving cattle feed

Cattle feed machines

The folks here were quick to point out that the cows actually have a lot of space but they are very curious so whenever anybody comes to take their picture they all crowd up to the fence and it looks like they’re really crammed in there. But they’re not.

Cattle in pasture

Cattle on pasture

Cattle in mud, Chef Charles Beef Tour Day 3

Told you it was muddy!

Cattle in feed lot

Cattle getting their feed

Evening in Corpus Christi

This evening we had dinner at the Republic of Texas Bar & Grill In the Omni Hotel in Corpus Christi. What a great view of the bay, overlooking the USS Lexington naval ship! The restaurant is multi-level and very big. It was modern, well-lighted and spacious with plenty of room to move, and enough space on the table for all of the food and accompaniments. The staff was invisible and everywhere at the same time – amazing! Great presentation and a definite WOW factor several times – a tomahawk ribeye served in a cast iron skillet, and different shapes and textures of plates throughout the meal. Wood cutting boards for appetizer, dessert sampler and charcuterie. Jams, mustards, and pickled items were all house-made with local ingredients.

Tomahawk steak in skillet

We enjoyed a 45-day dry aged wagyu tomahawk “cote de boeuf” with rosemary garlic potatoes, baby carrots, shallots, asparagus, and sauteed mushrooms.

Tomahawk steak cut up and served

The tomahawk was brought to the table in a cast iron skillet, and then cut up and served.

Hash browns

Idaho hash browns cooked in a cast iron skillet 3.5 inches thick (Hash browns on steroids!)