About Us

We opened The Classic at Roanoke’s doors in May of 1993 with a desire to serve a world-class menu in a casual, relaxed setting, where we could build a community around food. Our General Manager, Francis Silmon, brought his joyous spirit to our team a few years later. The result has been more than 20 years of good times and a wonderful, continually growing family of guests, staff and friends.

Our fare has never been limited by continent or region, and Chef Charles Youts’ weekly features are as likely to hail from the Pacific Rim as they are from his childhood home in West Texas. Chef Charles finds garden-to-table inspiration in the Chef’s Pantry garden that we’ve maintained on The Classic grounds since 2009, and his features regularly highlight the seasonal fruits and vegetables we grow here. We think fresh, quality ingredients are foundational for great cuisine. We even keep a small flock of free-range laying hens, whose fresh eggs are the basis of an extraordinary crème brûlée. We know this perspective on dining is a bit out of the mainstream, and we hope you’ll taste the difference. And the love.

Francis, Charles, Chris and Curtis

General Manager Francis Silmon, Chef Charles Youts, Owners Chris and Curtis Wells